Leather by Model

  Metric TLc’s replacement leather seat covers are second to none!

These are NOT slip covers, these are complete replacement covers that replace your worn out factory leather at a fraction of the price. This means your old dry, cracked leather covers must be removed. This is also the best time to replace the front seat bottom cushion and add seat heaters if you so choose.

We use the highest grade mounting components and leather available, which is hard to find.  Each cover is identical to factory and attaches the same way without a “universal fit” like other sets made offshore.  Our patterns were created from local, low-mileage Lexus and Land Cruisers. Each seat component was torn down duplicated to identical specs. Patterns are exact to factory including sourced and IP attachment points. It has taken us years to source and manufacture the correct parts. These are far superior to the factory leather covers that fail over time.  We pride ourselves on being OCD with a ‘curse’ for being perfectionists. With that said, we do our best to ensure your interior looks, feels and smells better than it did new. With proper care, they will outlast the vehicle. 100% Fit, Finish and Your Satisfaction Guaranteed.


  • Hides from free-range cattle ensuring scar-free hides
  • 3.5oz – 1.40mm thickness automotive grade (above industry standards)
  • Fully embossed pebble pattern
  • Chromium salt tanned
  • Drum dyed for full color penetration
  • 16 oz Anefil Poly U.S. made threads with superior abrasion resistance and excellent seam strength
  • Double needle machines for precise stitch lines (no wondering stitch lines)
  • Color matched zippers as per OE
  • Leather is scrim foam backed per OE and fully stitched edges
  • Vinyl backs are foam backed per OE giving a tight, clean fit
  • SRS compliant covers for the ’03-‘07 Land Cruiser and LX470
  • Plastic guided listings replace the OE wires that rust and fail
  • 100% leather seating surface as per OE (we don’t offer a budget version, the best or nothing)


  • Correct Blue-Gray, Tan and 40th Anniversary two-tone 80-series colors
  • Correct Stone and Tan for the 100-series
  • Optional Brown with Tan stitching that matches the factory brown plastics (our most popular choice)


  • Factory seat cushion bottoms for the 80 and 100 Land Cruisers
  • Factory carpet for the 80 and 100 Land Cruisers
  • Carbon fiber seat heaters
  • Installation kits
  • Seat back net kits
  • Upper door panel vinyl replacement kits
  • Speaker covers
  • Refurbished shifters
  • Refurbished steering wheels


Details: The 80-Series has a factory 1” vertical band in the seat back and bottom. We have duplicated this using the same methods and materials as per OE. Other manufactures from 3rd world country omit this design. Doing so makes a void in the seat cushion and cannot properly be held in place. The 2003-2007 Land Cruiser and LX470 have side SRS airbags in the front seats and our covers are SRS compliant with the correct components.

Installation: When replacing your interior, we recommend professional installation, however if you choose to tackle the installation you will need basic tools and skills to complete the job.  We highly recommend doing one seat at a time so you have the other for reference on re assembly.  If you have any questions before or during, please use the “Contact Us” form, provide a contact number and time if you wished to be called, we will do our best to contact you within 24 hours and help you tackle the install.

Cleaning: For routine maintenance, use mild soap and water along with vacuuming the nooks and crannies. Heavy soiled seats, we recommend Lexol cleaning and conditioning products.  

Please Note: Leather is a natural material and due to the age of your vehicle, UV, oils, dirt and grime will stain the leather over time. If you choose to only replace a seat bottom or one row, it will not match the rest of the vehicles original leather covers. We recommend replacing complete rows if your budget allows.  

Warranty: We offer a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty on our products from date of purchase to original purchaser. If any part fails in any way due to craftsmanship or material failure, we will replace it at no charge!

Cancelations: Each set is made to order and any cancelation has a restocking fee of 25%.

Each leather order is made to order. Manufacturing timing depends on your order of a single seat or a complete three row kit.

Time varies from 10-21 days to manufacture.  Boxes are 24" x 24" x 12" weighing 14-38 pounds shipped via USPS with tracking.


 Below is the back side of the 80-Series seats that have the 1" bands.

We duplicate these identical to factory. Once installed, you cannot tell they're not factory new.


This is the front side, which is identical to yours.

Each panel of leather is fully backed with scrim foam with the borders fully stitched as per OE.


Factory used sleeves with wire. These often fail do to rust that custs the fabric.

We use the latest seating componet technology with bonded listings that wont fail.

Here's a sample of the double row stitching and we guarantee perfect seams.